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The American Ivy Society is the worldwide authority
for the over 400 cultivars
of Hedera .

Gregor's father asks Gregor to open the door, while his mother is explaining to the chief clerk that Gregor must certainly be ill or he would never be late since he only thinks of his work and never goes out. Gregor refuses the latest request to open the door, and his sister begins to sob in the next room. Gregor cannot understand why his sister is already crying, since he is not yet in serious danger of losing his job and only wants to be left alone. The chief clerk suddenly loses his temper and tells Gregor that he is shocked by his behavior. There has been some suspicion that Gregor was absent from work because he was recently entrusted with some cash payments, and the clerk is now uncertain as to whether this really is the reason for Gregor's behavior. He also tells Gregor that he is acting disgracefully and that his position in the company is in jeopardy because his work lately had been unsatisfactory.

If you grow Gladiolus for exhibition, cutting, flower arranging or home decoration, then you must join the British Gladiolus Society.
This international society was founded in 1926, its objectives are to stimulate interest and promote cultivation, breeding and improvement of the Gladiolus. To issue publications concerning Gladiolus and other items of interest to Gladiolus growers, and to encourage worthy new cultivars and to preserve older ones. To regulate the nomeculture, classification and registration of Gladioli and to hold exhibitions of the flower and to co-operate with other organisations pursuing the same objectives. Members benefit from the advice and experience of successful growers both in the United Kingdom and abroad.
Members receive a free copy of the Gladiolus Annual, which is a comprehensive yearly publication distributed worldwide to individuals, institutes and affiliated societies.
Three Newsletter bulletins per year, free admission to exhibitions where this can be arranged and the right to exhibit at all society exhibitions.
Members may use the society book and transparency library and receive free advice on all aspects of Gladiolus culture.

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In 2001, scientists climbing Ball’s Pyramid, a treacherous rocky outcrop southeast of Lord Howe Island, discovered three stick insects feeding on a lone bush. The following year, researchers spotted 24 more. The insects looked eerily similar to the Lord Howe insects, but some physical differences between the new finds and museum specimens called for genetic testing to see if the two were the same.

Insect Society Really Insane E.P.Insect Society Really Insane E.P.Insect Society Really Insane E.P.Insect Society Really Insane E.P.