The royals - 2000 a.d. / 2+2

Selig's experiment was highly successful – those nine games drew 264,297 fans. Those games took place on May 15 vs. the California Angels , [13] May 28 vs. the Baltimore Orioles , [14] June 17 vs. the Cleveland Indians , [15] June 24 vs. the Minnesota Twins, [16] July 11 vs. the New York Yankees , [17] July 22 vs. the Oakland A's , [18] August 2 vs. Washington Senators , [19] August 8 vs. the Boston Red Sox, [20] and August 26 vs. the Detroit Tigers . [21] In Chicago that season, the Sox drew 539,478 fans to their remaining 58 home dates. [22] In just a handful of games, the Milwaukee crowds accounted for nearly one-third of the total attendance at White Sox games. In light of this success, Selig and Allyn agreed that County Stadium would host Sox home games again the next season.

Some of the soldiers have gained weight over the years since they fought for the Emperor; their uniforms have been let out to accommodate their girth. 

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While big, well-deserving names did make the list, a number of high-profile awards contenders were overlooked in the Golden Globes nominations. USA TODAY

Milwaukee County Stadium was originally built as a home for the Milwaukee Brewers of the minor league American Association, replacing the outdated and deteriorating ...

There are two independent contemporary sources for the 1507 date. Author Gareth Russell wrote a summary of the evidence and relates that Jane Dormer , Duchess of Feria, wrote her memoirs shortly before her death in 1612. The former lady-in-waiting and confidante to Queen Mary I wrote of Anne Boleyn: "She was convicted and condemned and was not yet twenty-nine years of age." William Camden wrote a history of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and was granted access to the private papers of Lord Burghley and to the state archives. In that history, in the chapter dealing with Elizabeth's early life, he records in the margin that Anne was born in MDVII (1507). [17]

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Top of Page What type of system? LDDC's preference was for a highly visible, automated, driverless system with a futuristic image, such as had been successfully commissioned in the USA and Canada. LRT favoured a more low key, functional, simple system, with tram type vehicles and a minimum of new, untested technology. The GLC wanted a local railway, particularly serving existing residential communities. There were, therefore, different views on the routeing, the extent of street running, and choice of technology. Combining these three different visions for what was to become the Docklands Light Railway (Fig 24 - 89kb) into a single project produced some dilemmas.

The Royals - 2000 A.D. / 2+2