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Schematic representation of PET principle. ( A ) After travelling in tissue (positron range) positron looses energy and annihilates with electron resulting in two 511 keV annihilation photons travelling in opposite directions; ( B ) Annihilation photons are registered externally by radiodetectors consisting of scintillation crystals and photomultiplier tubes and assembled in a ring. Only photons that are registered in coincidence are used for image reconstruction.

I originally started this glossary as an adjunct to my study of klezmer music (detailed at my KlezmerGuide website), in order to translate the names of klezmer tunes. Although several books and websites contain lengthy glossaries, I could not locate a sufficiently comprehensive resource for my needs; thus the development of this list. The transliteration of Yiddish words into English is tricky. For one thing, numerous dialects existed throughout Europe, with slight variations of pronounciation. Also, no standard existed until relatively recently; the one that has been developed frequently results in cumbersome spellings, especially when it comes to words adopted into English. For words that are frequently encountered, I have retained the spellings most often seen, sometimes with minor alterations to render them more phonetic. The following should be born in mind:

  • "TZ" has generally been rendered "TS", except for words adopted into English that are typically spelled with "TZ"
  • Words prefixed with "VER" or "FER" are spelled here using "FAR"
  • The gutteral "CH" (pronounced at the back of the throat, as in the Scottish "loch" or the English "blech") is rendered as "KH", except for words adopted into English that are typically spelled with "CH"
  • A number of words typically spelled with "SCH" are here spelled with "SH" instead
  • Those words that have been accepted into common English usage in the . are marked with an asterisk
A work such as this can never be completely comprehensive. If you have corrections, updates, or any other feedback, feel free to write me at . Glossary

Al Grey Boss Bone